Friday, August 6, 2010


I won the race for Mayor of James Island. It was a five way race, with no run off.

I received just under 40 percent of the vote. The incumbent received 20 percent and
the others less.

I spoke to voters at about 750 homes. The registered voters in the town live in about
7000 homes. I personally knocked on 1500 doors. I haven't checked all the figures,
but we probably left literature at 35 percent of the homes. I raised and spent about

Unemployment unchanged. Final sales continue to grow very slowly and is way below
any reasonable target for its growth path.

But right now I need to worry about the budget for James Island and road and drainage
ditch maintenance. :)

P.S. When I turn on my computer, this is what shows up now


  1. Congrats! If I lived there, I would've voted for you too.

  2. Well done Bill! But I expect you'll be thinking more about micro and public finance than about macro/money now.

  3. Congratulations...but I think James Island's gain is our loss. Do Mayors have time to post about monetary disequilibrium?

  4. Congratulations. So what can/does an economist do as mayor of a small town to implement better economics?

  5. So what do you plan to privatize?

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