Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$100 Trillion Bill

David Beckworth has a hundred trillion dollar bill, from Zimbabwe, on his blog, Macro and Other Market Musings. A 3 percent growth path for nominal expenditure would keep the U.S. from having anything similar.


  1. Now I can live a 3% target. By the way, how did you get the Fred graph tabs and charts on the side? That is a nice touch to your blog.

  2. Go to this site:


    There is a url there and with this blog program, I went to add gadet, put in the url, and it was there. You can add the series that you want.

  3. I think we shouldn’t be targeting all too much, I am very happy with 2-3% and that is easy collection for me with proper planning. I get serious help with OctaFX broker, as they got sensational facilities with low spreads of just 0.2 pips for all major pairs plus having over 50 instruments to trade on plus much more, so it all combines into making great profit making for me and that really allows me to be successful fairly easily.